Robbie, in his previous roles with organisations such as Ace Rental Cars, Noel Leeming and the University of South Australia, developed new tools for organisational learning. He introduced tablet PCs to maximise interactivity and successfully developed online eLearning modules. At the same time, he developed best-practice documentation and process around performance improvement, and oversaw a 40% drop in back and shoulder injuries after the roll-out of a Health & Safety Manual Handling course.

As digital technology infiltrates all levels of society, new ways of learning have emerged. Robbie exemplifies this innovative approach. He combines rock-solid skills in instructional design with a mastery of eLearning techniques. This application of new technology to soundly based learning techniques is the basis of a very fruitful approach.

Overall, Robbie exemplifies a 21st century approach to organisational learning that delivers tangible results.


Hi! I’m responsible for Quality Assurance and Project Management.

I ensure that the content you receive are of the highest quality, and checking that it isn’t just another stock standard eLearning module.

For me, each and every detail counts — which means I spend a lot of time proof reading, testing and re-testing. I love what I do and making our clients happy is what keeps me going!

Another aspect of my role is project management. I am here to make sure that clients’ budgets are not blown, timelines are met and the general day-to-day running of the business.


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We have two dedicated associates who create eye-popping graphics and animation videos for our clients.