Determining a “Pass Mark” in eLearning

Determining a pass mark blog

One of the more common questions our clients ask is, “what should the pass mark be?” when it comes to eLearning.

At school and university, to pass a class or a paper, you must achieve at least 50%. Who said 50% should be the pass mark? And why should I, who admittedly only scored 58% in chemistry in my final school year, be deemed as competent in the subject?

Take a student pilot, for example. If we applied the same universal pass mark of 50% to every test and practical they complete, would we find this acceptable?

Next time as you scope out the requirements of your next eLearning module, consider a pass mark of 100%. It will not be too tough on the learners if:

  1. The content adequately covers the learning objectives of the module
  2. The assessment is written and set at the right level.

A pass mark of less than 100% may inadvertently encourage the “that’s good enough” mentality within your organisation.