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eLearning Services

We offer a full range of eLearning implementation and development services. Our services are all inclusive and are at a fixed price, to ensure your projects remain on budget. These include:

  • Delivering interactive eLearning modules online
    • Scoping, implementing and branding cloud-based LMSs
    • Designing templates to match branding guidelines
    • Delivering compliance, product knowledge, soft skills and software training.

What is eLearning?

eLearning, or online learning, is the delivery of concise training on the web. Delivery modes can vary — self-paced learning on office or home computers, to modern touch enabled devices like an iPad.

Multimedia design, including narration, videos and animations, can increase the level of
engagement. eLearning solutions can compete with the needs of your organisation while combating
21st Century distractions. Our solid Multimedia and Instructional Design services can play a significant role in ensuring your learning outcomes are met.

We can work with you to develop the eLearning strategy that meets your organisational objectives.


What is a Learning Management System?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a website that houses your learning content. Containing your eLearning modules, an LMS is absolutely essential for administering learner accounts and assigning or reporting on achievements and results.

Learning Tech has worked on projects involving the selection and implementation of LMSs for both small and large organisations.

Because we are not affiliated with any LMS companies, you can trust us to provide transparent and unbiased consultations — your needs and success are our top priority.