eLearning That Works On Any Device

We love Articulate Storyline and what it can do to deliver online learning and assessments. We also like the direction Articulate Storyline 360 is heading towards – a cloud-based authoring tool that responds to any screen size. However, functionality-wise, 360 is still not quite there if you are looking for a comprehensive eLearning solution for any device.

What’s the solution? We are excited to come across dominKnow Flow. Its comprehensive functionality, while accounting for delivery on any device, is jaw-dropping! Take a look at our little sample and see how the content responds as you change your browser window size. The content not only stacks, but it also can completely change!

[We are working on a way to launch the module from our website – please bear with us in the meantime, or contact us for a demo!]

Tip: Take a look at the last line in the top banner – “Large screen version” changes to “tablet version” and “mobile version” as the browser window gets smaller.

We will be writing up a comprehensive review of the product and share our thoughts right here!

In the meantime, talk to us today to transform how you deliver training to your workforce.