Engaging your “e-learners” – here’s how

EngageI am often asked by organisations as to why it is a constant struggle to lift staff enthusiasm on adopting learning that is delivered online. Learning & Development teams tirelessly spend weeks and months on end developing instructionally sound learning modules and multimedia only to see their work sit on learning systems gathering digital dust.

Take a few steps back to the day your organisation decided that it needed to transform parts of the training program into online. Did the conversation touch on how this new initiative would be marketed in-house? In some ways, it is not too dissimilar to launching a new product in a shop or a new menu in a restaurant.

Build it and people will come is a complete myth!

Marketing eLearning is about bullishly explaining and highlighting the benefits to your internal customers (ie. your fellow co-workers). Employ the techniques major global brands use in the way they advertise their offerings:

What is it it for me (WIFFM)?
Why do I need it (or may not know yet)?
What is available that I can’t get elsewhere?
Does it win over me?

Customers make purchase decisions based on the sales person winning over their trust and how they make customers feel.

If you ever get the opportunity to launch or re-launch eLearning within your organisation, consider the following tips:

Involve everyone in the branding of your eLearning program
Run focus groups to find out what the real learning needs are
Coach “champions” within each department
Create an on-going channel for open feedback / suggestions
Any eLearning program should be seen as complementary to learners, running parallel to their development.

Customers don’t buy if the sales person doesn’t take the time to understand their needs and explain the benefits of the product they are selling.