Multimedia Design Services

Our talented team can help you design a rage of creative media options which ensure your concepts
and techniques are easily understood by your learners. These include graphic design, illustration, creative and engaging videos, professional narration, captivating audio and stunning photography.

We keep to the latest trends in multimedia and photography — bringing you the best in class
multimedia content. Contact us today, we’re ready to work alongside you.


Creative Training Videos.


Illustration, Diagrams & Infographics.

Interactive Design

Interactive user interface design.

Web Design

Web Design - Web & LMS Landing Pages, Web Banners & Content Layout.

3D Graphics

3D Graphics,

Multiple Device

Responsive Design for Mobile & Tablet devices.

Print Design

Graphic Design - Print Workbooks, Posters and more.

Why Bespoke Photography?

  • Learning is more effective when learners are visually engaged with relevant images that suit your branding and context.
  • We believe it is important to deliver imagery that properly reflects your company culture and environment.
  • Save time searching the web and the hassle of trying to find images that fit your brand — we'll produce the photos you really want!

Why Videos?

  • The transference of learning is important, yet increasingly difficult in a time-restricted world.
  • There’s a reason YouTube is so popular.
  • We specialise in the development and creation of videos that effectively and efficiently capture your audience, and engage your learners in ways that keep them informed and entertained through the expert use of motion graphics and animation.

Why include Audio Narration?

  • Narration is important for learner engagement.
  • Setting your desired tone, formal or informal, is what
    humanises the online learning experience.
  • Our top notch audio narration also accounts for different learning preferences — ensuring that all of your learners effectively understand your concepts.