A client came to us with a business  challenge – “We need something that is not off-the-shelf, something that is edgy, and most importantly, delivers the sales results!”.

With this clear objective, our team of instructional designers and graphic designers got together over coffee and came up with an idea – “What if we combined the power of whiteboard animations to set a the scene for a sales scenario, and offered learners a number of pathways they could go on? Learners may end up making a successful sale, or their customer walks away. Either way, by giving learners control of their fate, they understand their actions can directly affect how well the customer is served.”

As a result. our client reported a pleasing outcome. Their sales teams were not only fully engaged with the learning, they had fun doing it. They found many learners attempted multiple times to see the different outcomes. This module delivered effective changes in sales behaviour and the attitude towards learning.