The Launch of Articulate Storyline 3 and What It Means For You

Storyline 3

Articulate quietly launched Storyline 3 this week – the perpetual version of the widely popular eLearning authoring tool. There was no fanfare or hype with this launch, unlike when Storyline 360 went live. I personally can understand why. Storyline 360 is the product that Articulate wants the majority to use because of its annual subscription model. Storyline 3 gives you the option to pay once and once only, although you miss out on software updates and improvements after 12 months.

As for the product itself, Storyline 3 can sum up in one sentence – as at launch, it has the same features as Storyline 360.

Storyline 3 does not introduce anything new. and it is my opinion that it only exists in the product lineup to make Storyline 360 look the better choice (sorry to play the devil’s advocate here!). Storyline 360 offers subscribers the latest and greatest as new features are continuously developed – in addition to the suite of other products it comes with. In the months since Storyline 360 was launched, Articulate has introduced a number of new features and I predict this will only continue in the future. The bells and whistles within Storyline 3 is likely to remain static over its life span until the next perpetual version is released (to make the subscription version look the better choice).

Looking at compatibility across Storyline 2, 3 and 360:

  • Storyline 2 files can be opened in Storyline 3 (but not the other way round)
  • Storyline 3 files can be opened in Storyline 360
  • Storyline 360 files are compatible with Storyline 3 unless exclusive 360 features are used in the module

So, what should you get?

Storyline 360, solely based on its flagship status in the Articulate product lineup and the suite of products included in the subscription.