The Next Big Thing – Imminent Release of Articulate Storyline “3”

An email from Articulate’s CEO Adam Schwartz arrived in my inbox this morning. Long story short, the next version of Articulate Storyline is arriving next week. While my team and I at Learning Tech firmly believe in online pedagogy before technology, this release will be significant considering the number of clients who deploy Storyline modules. Away from the marketing hype, I believe there are three features to look out for next week.


1. Multi-device support

This feature isn’t new to the eLearning industry. The likes of Adobe Captivate and gomo learning have had this feature for quite some time now. However, both the-next-big-thing-2have major flaws – Captivate’s UI is developed for nuclear power scientists (!) and cloud-based / online-only access of gomo learning presents its own set of development issues.

I am hoping Articulate does more than just resize or re-position content and choose to allow for adaptive content (as opposed to responsive). One thing is for sure, there will be a native mobile menu system without the need to download any apps.



2. Streamlining the review process

The hiring process from candidate search to job offer.

Presently, if you use Articulate’s LMS, review notes can be collated through the online portal. However, most clients have their own enterprise LMS and the process of reviews is somewhat archaic – exporting a Word document with static screenshots or outputting an offline module to upload onto a file sharing site.

I am predicting that with the update, SMEs will be able to save their comments to each slide as they go through a fully working module, offline.

3. Improved HTML5 support

Flash technology is slowly disappearing from most internet browsers and devices due to its security vulnerabilities. I predict we will see better HTML5 support which means better compatibility across devices, especially on mobile platforms.

Other bits and pieces

Other new features are likely to include new sets of built-in illustrations. For those who know me, I ban the use of the built-in illustrations so I am skeptical that I will lift this ban next week 🙂

There is speak of being able to create “high-quality” eLearning modules easily and in less time. Frankly, from experience, this is simply marketing-speak. We all know that quality eLearning is more than just making the process of development quicker.


Let’s wait and see what happens next week! My team and I look forward to offering the new benefits from the new update to our clients.

If you are looking for training on the latest version of Storyline, we will be busy studying the new features next week and aim to be New Zealand’s first company to offer bespoke Storyline “3” workshops from 21 November 2016.