What You Must Check For In Every eLearning Module

What you must check for in every eLearning module

When we buy a used car, we take it to a local mechanic to find out what’s going on under the hood. Likewise, buying a property always nearly comes with a condition to ask for a building inspection to look at its foundations, structure and watertightness.

So, why not the same for eLearning modules?

Sadly, I have too often seen reputable companies create some amazing online learning experiences only to be let down by what sits underneath. It’s like buying a pair of amazing jeans – it looks great and fits comfortably – but when you turn it inside out, you realise there are many pieces of fabric covering imperfections and poor workmanship.

When you ask a company to build you an eLearning module and you intend to keep it up-to-date in-house, it may be beneficial for you to take a look at how it is put together, especially the coding that makes everything tick.

Poor coding can lead to:

  • Difficulties in understanding the logic behind designs and interactions
  • A complete re-design and re-code for future amendments
  • Longer loading times and browser incompatibilities

Taking a look under the hood may just save you in the long run!