Why We Don’t Do Price Lists for eLearning

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Often I am asked about a price list for our eLearning services, from implementing a learning management system through to developing interactive online learning modules.

At Learning Tech, we do provide fixed-pricing for projects for our clients’ peace of mind. However, we pride ourselves on focusing on a unique custom solution before we look at price.

Take web development for example. In that industry, a majority of websites are based on templated themes. While this reduces the cost of development, it is likely to have an adverse impact on what I believe is the most important aspect of any digital business – creativity.

This is the reason why we don’t develop ‘off the shelf’ eLearning modules or price lists for that matter. It is only after proper due diligence is carried out before we offer a fixed price.

You wouldn’t put down a sum of money on a house based solely on the number of rooms it has without evaluating its quality, so why would you engage with an eLearning vendor with a pre-determined price list?